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Imagine Morris dancing, take away the sticks, hankies and bells, and add in lots of shouting, coloured facepaint and bright clothes, and you've got it.

Mostly of Gog Magog Molly, but also featuring Ouse Washes Molly (black face paint and what the traditional dancers would have worn had they had access to today’s local charity shop), Morris Offspring (only set of traditional morris dancers in here - hankies, bells and all), Oxblood (red and black), Norwich Kitwitches (in drag) and Whip the Cat Rapper (the girls with the swords). Taken at Towersey '06, Plough Monday in Fenstanton and the Mark Jones Day of Dance.

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Date added: 29th January 2007
Date taken: August '06 onwards
Categories: Dance, Performance
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